Celebrating the Chinese New Year in the Philippines

January 22, 2012.
It was the day before the Chinese New Year, and for Chinese families, the eve before new year’s day itself was a big deal.
Having been out of the country for the past two years, it’s nice to learn that this  year, for the first time, the Chinese new year (which falls on January 23 this year) has been declared a national holiday. As such, a lot of activities, more than the past years, has been planned with the support of the Manila City government.

New shoes for the new year

Wearing my new shoes on the first day of the dragon year!

My new shoes

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I am not a diary

A blog. Never thought I’d do it.

Have I suddenly decided that the banalities that happen every day in my life is finally interesting enough to write about?

Er…no, though I would like to convince myself of that.

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