When a placemat meets an old CD spindle case…

Ever since moving to a smaller place, I’ve discovered the joys of DIY-ing. Repurposing things which would otherwise have gone to waste is cheap, fun to do, only requires creativity (and serendipity), and gives the kind of personal touch that makes the distinction between a home and a house. (I have to say that Filipinos are masters of resourcefulness. Every Filipino household always have something DIY-ed or repurposed to some extent.)  There’s joy in giving things a second life, and an even greater pleasure creating something from your own two hands. It’s very much like baking – there’s a sense of achievement and contentment after you do it that is extremely satisfying. (Or, that may just be the chocolate talking…)

THE fastest and easiest go-to source of information on DIY is, as always, the internet. And, boy, is it full of DIY projects! I can’t believe how people are so creative! The things they turn out look so pretty I wanted to do every project…whether I needed them or not! ( ̄∀ ̄) So when I wanted some table lamps for the TV rack in the living area, after searching the stores for weeks but didn’t find anything I liked (or were waaay over my seriously limited budget o(〒﹏〒)o ) , a voice inside my head whispered to me – Yep, DIY is the way to goContinue reading


Warm or cool lighting? (or, another unneccesary quandary I am in)

I’d been using cool colour temp CFLs for the lighting fixture in my bedroom because my work is graphics-related (my work area is also located in my bedroom) and I wanted lighting that will not compromise colour accuracy, but the point became moot when I installed a separate lighting anyway for my work table not long after. After a couple of months, I decided I could try somewhat warmer-toned lighting.

My ceiling lighting fixture is considerably flatter than most, its interior allowing for only 15w spiral CFLs, maximum. Any higher than that and the coils would be too big to fit inside. (I suppose I could use straight tube CFLs, unfortunately they show through the frosted glass. Besides, spirals are much prettier, haha!) So I went to the hardware store and bought two 13w warm white mini CFLs (sadly, it’s not available in “cool white”, which is somewhere in between “warm white” and “cool daylight” ). Each one is equivalent to 75w, for a combined total of 150-watts. (⊙ˍ⊙) . The previous ones I used were 15w = 60w, so at 13w = 75w these are supposed to be even more energy efficient. (On a side note, I learnt that for this particular type of spiral CFL, lower wattage usually costs more than their higher wattage counterparts.  7w to 11w costs about the same,which in turn cost 10% more than the 13w that I eventually bought. I wonder if it’s the same for other types of CFLs?)

I must say, after installing my new warm-hued CFLs, I found them a bit too warm (maybe it just takes some getting used to), so I tried a combination of cool and warm. Here’s what they look like:  (My apologies for the dark photos. I had to lower the ISO so the details would show through and the photo is not just a blinding white blur. (# ̄▽ ̄#) )

Topmost: My previous “cool daylight” colour temp CFLs.
Bottom: The new “warm white” CFLs I just bought.
Middle: Combination of one cool and one warm.

I’ve always used cooler looking lights for my personal space, which is probably why I found the warm whites too warm. BUT… but, I have to admit, my room actually looked… well, bedroom-y, haha! *\(^_^)/*  I tried the combination 1 warm + 1 cool, which lent a more balanced hue overall, but somewhat divides my small room into two, and quite obviously at that.

I hate being this indecisive over something so trivial o(〒﹏〒)o , but looking at these photos, I still can’t decide which one to use!  Arggggh…!!! ╰(‵□′)╯