When a placemat meets an old CD spindle case…

Ever since moving to a smaller place, I’ve discovered the joys of DIY-ing. Repurposing things which would otherwise have gone to waste is cheap, fun to do, only requires creativity (and serendipity), and gives the kind of personal touch that makes the distinction between a home and a house. (I have to say that Filipinos are masters of resourcefulness. Every Filipino household always have something DIY-ed or repurposed to some extent.)  There’s joy in giving things a second life, and an even greater pleasure creating something from your own two hands. It’s very much like baking – there’s a sense of achievement and contentment after you do it that is extremely satisfying. (Or, that may just be the chocolate talking…)

THE fastest and easiest go-to source of information on DIY is, as always, the internet. And, boy, is it full of DIY projects! I can’t believe how people are so creative! The things they turn out look so pretty I wanted to do every project…whether I needed them or not! ( ̄∀ ̄) So when I wanted some table lamps for the TV rack in the living area, after searching the stores for weeks but didn’t find anything I liked (or were waaay over my seriously limited budget o(〒﹏〒)o ) , a voice inside my head whispered to me – Yep, DIY is the way to goContinue reading


D.I.Y. Cat House

Moved to a new apartment recently.

Moving house, especially after the family has lived in the same house for more than 40 years, is a pain in the…um, posterior. *rolls eyes* Decades of unintentional hoarding, and you can imagine the magnitude of sifting through and deciding what you bring to the new house and what gets thrown away, since the new place is merely half the space of our old home, but double the rent, yeeesh.( ̄皿 ̄)凸  Having to decide which things of sentimental value to throw out , with so many memories attached to them, is terrible…

My cat, Hercules, used to have a small area of his own (even had stairs to climb). Obviously, everything is now all about space-saving and smart storage and downsizing, so now he has less than a fifth if even that of space. Despite being a tom cat, Herc has always been shy, withdrawn and a little paranoid, even more so now that he is entering old age (going on 11 in human years!). He never goes out of the house of his own accord, because open spaces, strange new places, and sudden noises scare him, so he resorts to hiding in nooks and crannies. I know, weird cat. (←_←) (I feel like I’m badmouthing my cat in my own blog! (>x<) ) Searching for a suitable “enclosed” bed for him might take a while, so I decided to make him his very own Herc’s house in the meantime.

Things I used:

  • Ordinary document storage box (corrugated ones)
  • Wood pattern wallpaper
  • Glue-gun
  • Double-sided padded adhesive
  • Good ol’ trusty cutter and scissors
  • A floor mat or something soft to use as bed (for the cat, not me! XD)

Since the box was already pre-cut when I bought it, it was a whole lot easier than if making it from scratch. I wanted a roof on top for the house, but the box itself was square and the height was just enough for my cat, so I had to use the flaps to extend the height upwards. The main problem was to buttress the scoring on the flaps by gluing additional strips of corrugated board inside (right on the scoring) to reinforce it and prevent it from folding down, then shaped and cut the top into a triangle to accommodate and support the roof. The roof itself was the lid of the box and another lid (which I serendipitiously found lying hereabouts, lucky lucky me! <( ̄︶ ̄)> ) glued together. Having done that, I used my cutter to cut a doorway big enough for my cat. For windows, I find that those finger-holds that come with the box already cut out to be terribly convenient.

I then started applying the wallpaper, which was harder than I initially thought, because you had to peel the backing off a portion at a time to prevent the whole thing sticking to you instead. ( ̄口 ̄)!!  Also, while sticking it on the surface of the box, use a piece of tissue paper or dry cloth to smooth it over and make it stick evenly, and, more importantly, to get rid of those evil, EVIL air bubbles (and you know they want to dominate the world!) so you don’t end up with unsightly folds and air pockets.

A little contrast is nice, so for the roof I used a darker-coloured wood wallpaper. Added Herc’s name (simulating wood planks), and voilà! Herc’s very own cat house!  XD

Yesterday I picked him up from my sister’s house where he had been staying while we were busy moving house, and he seems to like the new house! (Though I think he likes it as sort of a hiding place… ( ̄. ̄)+ …)

Herc’s first night in his new home! Yay!  ★,:*:‧\( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★*